What are Aluminium Composite Panels?

Before we point out the top benefits of aluminium composite panels, we need to understand “What are aluminium composite panels?

In 1969 Aluminium changed into utilized in the production of aluminium composite panels and designers were amazed. Aluminium panels completely changed the look of city skylines.

There are many versions of aluminium composite panels like Alucobond, Vitrabond, Alpolic, and others. Considering the fact that there are many versions aluminium composite panels they may be used indoors and exterior cladding, signage, wall panels, making fascia, and as display panels.

In easy phrases, aluminium composite panels are aluminium sheets with thermoplastic core fabricated from polyethylene which holds them collectively. Due to its shape aluminium composite panels are best for outdoors cladding structures. Apart from external use, aluminium composite panels can be extensively utilized in interior design.

aluminium composite panels

Why Aluminium Composite Panels Are Highly Favoured For Building Exteriors?

Aluminium Composite Panels are always considered to be the best when it comes to using them as a cladding material. They are better than paints and can last for a long-time without much maintenance. 

Apart from that, there are also a lot of other reasons why aluminium composite cladding panels highly favoured when it comes to building exteriors. Part of the reason why we’re going to discuss the same in this article guide.

The Major Advantages Of Using Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium composite panels are best for present day, stylish and effective but they have got a wide variety for which you should recollect the usage of them. Let’s go together through the top 6 benefits of aluminium composite panels.

Exterior Aluminium Composite Panels

1. The Longevity – Aluminium panels are durable material

ACPs sheets come with very sturdy physical properties which makes them the perfect material for cladding purposes. One of the main essential factors that make a material great for cladding is its overall longevity. It should be noted that materials that have lesser longevity should not be used for cladding purposes. 

ACPs can resist most weather conditions including sun, rain, and snow. Moreover, they are durable to be used over a long period. Once you install an ACP, you don’t require to change it for at least the next five to seven years.

2.The Cost-Effectiveness – Aluminium panels are a very cost-effective solution

ACPs are one of the most cost-effective materials for cladding purposes. Aluminium composite cladding is affordable while also having high longevity makes them extremely useful especially for commercial uses. You’ll get the best value for your money when you purchase ACPs, which means that you can now spend the saved money on other construction needs.

3.The Safety – Aluminium panels are non-combustible

Big complexes and buildings are always prone to fire breakouts and hazards. But, since ACPs are made from aluminium, which is a non-combustible material, it’s considered to be quite safe during any fire incidents. 

The aluminium casing will also save the building inhabitants, on which it’s used, from toxic fumes or gases.

4.The Installation – Aluminium panels are easy to handle

Installation of ACPs are quite easy and is one of the major factors why it’s highly considered to be used on building exteriors. The process is truly effortless and unchallenging, which means that you need to spend less on machines and man-power to install the same. ACPs can not only be used on exteriors but interiors as well.

5.The Maintenance – Aluminium composite panels are low cost of maintenance

With the help of ACPs, you can easily obtain trouble-free maintenance without much sweat. Since these sheets are highly durable than most cladding materials or products in the market, they are always in high demand. The only time you need maintenance is when you plan to clean them and thereby get rid of all the associated dust and stains.

6.The Availability – Aluminium composite panels are easily available

You can find ACPs almost anywhere without much searching since they’re very common. Moreover, being popular also has its benefits as you’ll get a

lot more options when it comes to different price categories. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about obtaining such material. 

Conclusion – Aluminium Composite Panels are Perfect for Exterior Cladding Systems

Aluminium Composite Panels For Exteriors

Aluminium composite panels have functional characteristics such as thermal, sound insulation and wind insulation,  fire resistance, and earthquake safety.  Aluminium materials and composites are pre-handled, which means they have got a shielding coat that keeps them from corrosion-resistant. Aluminium composite panels are very mild comparing to different composite materials. So after knowing all these benefits we can confidently say that aluminium composite panels are perfect for exterior cladding systems.

FAQs About Aluminium composite panels

What is Aluminium composite panel used for?

Aluminium composite panels also know as ACPs are frequently used for external cladding for buildings or facades of signage and insulation. In building & construction, these composite panels products designed for use as building envelopes. ACPs generally have very good energy efficiency and sustainability.

What is Aluminium composite panel made of?

Aluminium composite panels generally made with two sheet of Aluminium bonded with a polymer core. ACPs consists approx 10%-30% polymer core and around 70% Aluminium.

How strong is aluminum composite panel?

Aluminium composite panels are extremely strong and durable and can last up to 20-30 years. They are also very light in weight as well as very cost-effective.

Is Aluminium composite panel flammable?

Aluminium composite panel itself is a non-combustible material and has good thermal conductivity. Solid aluminium contains no combustible materials. We can say ACPs are hardly flammable or not flammable at all.

Is Aluminium composite panel waterproof?

Yes, Aluminium composite panels are completely waterproof. Due to the water resistance advantage, we can very easily remove dust to plaque, and any contamination, using just plain water.

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