How to Keep Your House Bug Free

The mid-summer season has always been the particular time of the year when the spiders come out of their shelters and start seeking mates for reproduction. It should be realized that bugs and spiders are generally solitary, but when the time comes to find their mates, they come in droves.

A pest control treatment is certainly a good way to get rid of all those nasty bugs and spiders from your house. But it is not the only way to prevent them from infesting. House owners are often entangled with the worry of how to keep the bugs away from the house. They wonder what they can do between the treatments and avoid the complete hassle itself.

Well, it is not hard to keep bugs away from your house. And we must say that it is a time-saving and cost-effective way of preventing infestation. You won’t fall sick often, you won’t have to call the pros, and you won’t have to worry about them. So, let us know about ways to keep your home bug-free. 

Ways To Keep Bugs and Spiders At Bay From Your Home

So, how do you stop these bugs from invading your home and especially your windows? Well, we’ve got the perfect set of solutions for you, created in collaboration with home cleaning services. 

Evaluate the condition of your doors and windows.

Evaluating the condition of your doors and windows

A door or a window is a getaway to exit and fresh air, but it also an entryway for bugs and insects. They love windows that are not covered screens and mesh. It is like welcoming these tiny creatures to mess up with your life. Hence, our first tip is to check for holes and cracks and maintain them properly. Use screens, nets, and other alternatives to keep the bugs away from their entryways.

Check the water pipes and other systems. 

Checking the water pipes

Holes in the walls and water outlets are another favorite way for bugs to enter your house confidently. If the pipes are subject to any loopholes, you are doing nothing but inviting them to your house. Hence, check for the leakages and holes regularly, and fix them if you find any discrepancy. It is often seen that house owners procrastinate this task and get bugs infested in the house. So, better late than never, and take the step accordingly. You can even try DIY projects in this case.

De-clutter the yard. 

De-clutter the yard

If you love your yard when it is clean but do not find the time to do so, make time for it because insects and bugs love unclean yards and find a way home. Any unwanted weeds, shrubs, plants, and leaves need to be removed from the yard. There is no need to accumulate them as it can create havoc for your life later. Spring season is the best time to do this task and ensure that you clean up the yard before the rains start. 

Take care in the rainy season. 

care home in the rainy season

Our houses could be moist during the rains, but it is a good season for the bugs too. Hence, keep everything dry, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom. 

Opt for home inspection services.

home inspection services

Another way is to hire a skilled home inspector and check for any bug infestation. Evaluate all the places and seek a bug-proof home inspection.

Using Horse Chestnuts & Peppermints.

Using Horse Chestnuts & Peppermints

In case you’re looking for natural repellents to drive bugs away, then there’s nothing better than using peppermint oil for the same. You can easily make a mixture of peppermint oil along with some amount of dishwasher liquid, and then spray it around your window sills and other parts of your home. Try to repeat such a process per-week because it’ll help in keeping the bugs and spiders at bay.

Another process that you can try to use for repelling spiders is using horse chestnuts. Even though horse chestnuts can be a bit poisonous, you can still plant one or two around your home to keep yourself bugs-free. 

Always Keep Your Home Clean.

Keep Your Home Clean

There’s no denying that a clean home is always a happy home, and the same applies to bugs as well. If your home is clean with the help of water-fed poles, then there will be fewer places for the bugs to hide. You should know that bugs and spiders always love to stay inside dark & cold areas, such as your basement or cellar.

Your standard home cleaning procedure will remove all cobwebs and will prevent bugs from setting up shop around your windows and home interiors. Moreover, you also need to get rid of extra storage and clutter around your home interiors, so that there’s less place for the bugs to hide.

Keeping Your Gutters Clean.

Keeping Your Gutters Clean

Even though cleaning your gutters will not be able to prevent the invasion of bugs entirely, it’ll at least lessen the invasion. The gutters are one of the bug’s favorite sources of food, and if you can keep your clean, then it’ll merely starve the bugs away from your home. 
Any place that gathers water will easily be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects – making it a perfect place for bugs to prey upon. So, ensure that your gutters aren’t clogged with standing water, and you remove all the debris every week. Such a process will help in eliminating any process of eating or breeding by the bugs.

Make sure that you follow extreme caution when dealing with bugs and spiders because a simple bite can be excruciating. So, with these simple, easy ways, you can seek a bug-free home. 

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