What is End of Lease Cleaning?

End of lease cleaning means when the customer or tenant’s house agreement expires and he/she has to leave the house. But before leaving the house or move to a new house he/she has to get cleaned house as per the agreement that cleaning known as the end of lease cleaning. When you are moving out of your old rented home, It is your responsibility that you hand over the property neat and clean to the owner. You have to go away from the property in good condition to get back your bond.

There are so many professional cleaning companies in the United States who provide such kinds of end of lease cleaning services according to the customer needs.

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How to Prepare Your Home for End of Lease Cleaning?

Moving out requires time and effort and a lot of cash if you have set major cleaning goals. End of lease cleaning is a hectic task, even more, if you are doing it on your own. While many tenants believe that hiring professionals is the only solution, many on the other hand like to save some money and do the hard work themselves. In both cases, you need good tips to get started on the right foot. Here is how you can do it.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Undoubtedly, the kitchen and bathroom are the most used parts of a house which means they need more cleaning. Corners can be the toughest to clean, so start focusing on them a few days before the shifting begins. Use strong solutions to get rid of food stains and also dust and grime in your cupboard hinges and sink.


Have you ever tried to reach up to the windows near the roof? If not, then this will be a tough nut to crack. For the easiest way out, take a long stick and tie a microfiber cloth on its one end and let the cleaning begin. Get rid of all spiderwebs, dust, and dirt in a few sweeps to clean the air above your head.

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Roof and Walls

While you think you have cleaned it all, there are chances that you forgot above the webs on the wall and the roof and if anybody notices it, a bad impression will be formed about you. To prevent that, you can either use the trick given for windows or you can even use a broomstick to clean the roof and walls well. If there are construction requirements, consult with a good renovation company.

Why The End of Lease Cleaning is So Important?

If you are thinking about why the end of lease cleaning is so important, we are going to explain the importance.

Numerous property managers or landlords are requiring a security deposit in their tenant contracts. The security deposit is a particular measure of cash gathered and retained via property managers from the customers until the finish of renting.

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This security amount is a defensive measure to protect the homeowner from any harm that may happen in his/her property during renting period.

Most security deposit disputes and litigation between homeowners and tenants occur due to misunderstanding or breach of the obligations of the contract. And the main problem for disputes is END OF LEASE CLEANING. If you need your security amount back, you have to return the property spotless and clean as it was previously!

So if you don’t need any kind of disputes you have to follow the bong cleaning agreement. A professional move-in and move-out cleaning services provider will definitely help you with such issues. Always take the receipt from the cleaning company as evidence that you are complying with your obligations.

Beware! Overlooking These Things Might Cost you Heavily During an End of Lease Cleaning

Be it on purpose or mistakenly, there are always some parts of the home which are left unclean before you move out. Putting in all the hard work would go to waste if the owner would pinpoint even one part of the home and make a fuss out of it. You wouldn’t want that right? Well, then since we are on the same page, here is a list of possible things you might overlook during an end of lease cleaning.


Whether it’s bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, the corners are most often overlooked which gives out a wrong impression of you. The starting is generally very dirty which again makes it difficult to clean the corners. Use a broom or any cloth to thoroughly dust off all the dirt and clean the corners thoroughly.

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Ceiling Fans

Another part of your home which you think doesn’t matter much is the ceiling fans, but in reality, it does matter a lot. Use a long stick and cover it with a cloth to reach the ceiling. Get all the cobwebs and other dirt to clean it thoroughly. Also, use a chair or ladder to reach the fans and cleans the fan too before you leave.

Upper Windows

I can guarantee that you have never even attempted to clean the upper windows and paid much attention to window cleaning within your range. Well, it’s vital that you wash the windows thoroughly including the window blinds, pane, and railing. Windows are easily noticeable so make sure that you make them noteworthy.

Kitchen and Bathroom Racks

Your landlord will surely take a look at the kitchen and bathroom racks expecting them to be full of grime, slimy materials, and dirt. Disappoint him by cleaning it thoroughly with cleaning liquids and cloth until it is spot-free.

End of lease cleaning is a hectic and chaotic task, but with these pro tips, you should be just fine. If the job seems too much to do, hire professional cleaners and supervise them for efficient cleaning.

The list goes on and on but with these few ideas, you can make your home look cleaner and easier to give back. Let us know in the comments how wondrous these tips proved to be for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does end of lease cleaning cost?

Many factors play roles in the cost of an end of tenancy cleaning like the size of the property, state of the living space, additional services, etc.
The average cost of an end of lease cleaning service is around $100-$250 in the United States for a normal 2-bedroom property. A similar type of property in a better state and located in a more budget-friendly area of the city can be around $300. If the property owner doesn’t need any additional services, the price can significantly drop.

What is included in an end of lease cleaning?

End of lease Cleaning mainly includes Bedroom cleaning, Bathrooms Cleaning, Kitchen cleaning, Cleaning all ceiling fans, Doors/Walls, Internal windows, all light switches, power points, doors, shower screen, and tiles, Vacuum, and mop floors.

How long does end of lease cleaning take?

How much time an end of lease takes depends on how big and how much dirty the property is. On average you can expect an end of lease cleaning takes around three to eight hours with 2 to 3 professional cleaners doing separate cleaning tasks simultaneously.

What happens if you leave stuff in your apartment after you move out?

If you left anything in the apartment after the move-out date should be considered abandoned. Always make sure that you don’t leave any of your stuff when you are moving out, do your best to remove all your things, and clean the place the best you can.

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