The Benefits of Installing Bamboo Flooring in Your Home!

We all are in some way or another in love with wooden flooring. But most of the time, we hesitate to utilize them in almost all parts of our home. The reason is simple because the hardwood floor is very vulnerable to moisture and gets dilapidated easily because of it. Then what? Well, there’s a middle way out of this situation. Let’s consider bamboo flooring for once.

bamboo flooring in living room

How Bamboo Flooring Can be the Best Choice for Your Home?

Bamboo flooring is the best alternative to hardwood floors. Bamboo flooring comes in excellent quality and at exciting rates for you and can be used in your home or even in the kitchen as well without any worries. There are so many other benefits of bamboo flooring over hardwood.

Bamboo floor bear water more than your hardwoods —

The biggest drawback of installing a hardwood floor, the moisture vulnerability problem, makes it unacceptable for your home. But with bamboo flooring, you can choose your favorite type of floor in your home and it wouldn’t get affected by those frequent water spills. They can resist the water attack on the surface for around 30 hours which makes them extremely suitable for your home.

Bamboo flooring is hard and tough —

Whether it’s the hardwood floor or the tiles you are using in your home, once a sharp or heavy object falls on it, you’ll see these floors getting affected drastically. But when you install bamboo flooring, they are tougher than many such options and don’t give away easily. And as far we know any home is a storehouse of such accidents. So, if you opt for a bamboo floor in your home, it’s totally Ok. These won’t stress you because of such accidents.

bamboo floor design

Bamboo flooring ease of cleanliness —

The kitchen can be called the messiest place in your entire house, agreed? Then you would definitely require a type of floor here which is super easy to maintain and clean. Well, that is what makes bamboo flooring most suitable for this room. You just need to regularly vacuum this floor or sweep it to keep it free of dirt and dust. And if you use mop it, then it has added benefits for you.

Bamboo flooring is super durable —

Naturally, you don’t renovate a home each year. And once you do the same, you expect it to stay intact for decades. Well, after you opt for bamboo flooring, you can be assured of the fact that it won’t give up on you easily. These floors can stay intact without any need for high-cost maintenance for decades and this makes them the ideal choice for your home. 

These benefits of bamboo flooring make it an excellent choice for your home. Additionally, no matter which shade of the bamboo floor you opt for, it’s going to suit the place perfectly. Now, we think that you shouldn’t be disheartened that you can’t use a hardwood floor for your kitchen — with bamboo floors, your entire house along with your kitchen can look amazing and enjoy better benefits.

Astonishing Facts About Bamboo Flooring That You Never Knew About

We are sure you would have heard about bamboo flooring a lot. It’s one of the most trendings and most commonly used floorings nowadays. But aren’t you curious to know as to why and how this floor gained so much popularity across the globe? Well, we surely are!

bamboo floor

Some Facts About Bamboo Floors That Make Them Popular!

There are some real hidden and astonishing facts about bamboo floorings that make them a more preferable option the hardwood flooring. In The United States, there are many contractors who have been providing this flooring option for so long explains that it’s an amazing wooden product with great benefits.

Strand woven bamboo flooring can be twice tougher than the oak ones

Did you think Oak floors were the toughest? Then try replacing it with bamboo. It’s stronger and even more durable and exceeds Oaks in various other quality tests.

Bamboo is stronger than steel as well —

Not all know, but bamboo floors tend to have greater tensile strength than steel. This means you couldn’t rip it off easily.

Bamboo grows super rapidly —

Bamboos are the fastest growing plant on Earth. Yes, bamboo is grass, not a tree and that is why they grow super rapidly. This is the reason this floor is called an eco-friendly option.

bamboo floor

Bamboo floors are extremely versatile —

You want to lay bamboo floors on your concrete, go on. You want to have them in your basement, yes; you can even put them out there. Bamboo floor is a totally versatile material which can be used in any part of the house and it would suit there perfectly.

Some kinds of bamboo floors are pet’s nail resistant as well —

You would have always heard that all the hardwood floors are extremely vulnerable to pet nails. But there is an exception and that is strand woven bamboo floors. These kinds of floors are the only ones that can bear your pet’s nails on them and won’t get damaged at all.

Bamboo floor can bear all kinds of weather —

Most of the flooring options have the issue of not being suitable for extremely hot or cold areas. But with bamboo floors, you can use it in your exteriors when it is snowing or on your terrace when it’s scorching summer. It would be totally suitable there and won’t budge an inch.

Bamboo floors can be refinished —

If it has been years that you installed the bamboo floors, and you feel that it’s going away, you can bring it back to life. Yes, by just a small step of refinishing it, you can prolong the life of bamboo floors which is actually a very astounding quality.

bamboo plants

So, are you shocked or surprised or impressed with these facts about bamboo floors? We are sure now you know the reason why it gained momentum at such a fast speed in the lowest of time spans.

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